Student-Designed Assignments

For our next class meeting – Thursday, 11 February – you will be moving closer to a fully fleshed-out assignment for the Student-designed assignments portion of the course.  

In order to deepen your understanding of film noir in ways that are particular to your interests and background, you will design an assignment that you and your classmates can submit for partial credit in the course.

First, tonight (9 February), you will post to your blog an Assignment Draft, in which you lay out the following elements:

  • Description: the basic explanation of what students will do as part of the assignment.
  • Evaluation Criteria: how the assignment will be evaluated for credit in the course.
  • Schedule/Due Dates: when each piece of the assignment is due.
  • Weighting: what percentage of the overall course grade this assignment would cover.

Then, tomorrow (10 Februrary), you will comment on each of your classmates Drafts.  In these comments, you will focus on how you see the Draft supporting one or more of the Course Objectives in the syllabus.

In class on Thursday, we will determine which assignment(s) we will use in the first half of the course.

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