Blog Post 2: Gilda

In Andrew Dickos’ article “Women As Seen in the Film Noir,” he describes the femme fatale as using their power for “disorientating the male object (156). Furthermore, he elaborates on their characteristics as perhaps being “wicked, but she is also fascinating, because she does not (or does not easily) acquiesce or suffer the traditionally imposed travails of her subordinated function in a male dominated society.” During this time period, it’s interesting to see how this Film Noir gives Gilda more power than would be expected in reality. The comparison from the article to Gilda depicts the femme fatale as very manipulative and flirtatious to get what she wants and it even drives me insane!!! Dickos even denotes a brief characteristic of Cora Smith from another Film Noir that is so similar to Gilda in that “she will give herself, but only if she gets what she wants in return.” In Gilda, there is definitely a bit of tension if not sexual tension throughout the film from Gilda and Johnny beginning with the 18:00 minute and 26:00 minute mark in the film when Mr. Munson first introduces Johnny to her. From the moment Johnny and Gilda meet, there was tension. It was very easy to notice that he didn’t trust her intentions for marrying Mr. Munson and hated her for it. Mr. Munson and Gilda denote twice throughout the film that “hate is a very exciting emotion.” It is this emotion that drives the manipulation from Gilda to intentionally and sarcastically make Johnny jealous. At the 28:00 minute mark, Gilda is asked for a dance and Johnny denies the gentlemen of it in respect for his friend and Gilda’s husband Mr. Munson. Gilda vetoes his regard and accepts the gentlemen of his offer for the dance and stating that Johnny would “love it, but can’t afford it.” At around the 29:15 minute mark when she is dancing with the gentlemen, she continues to look sarcastically at Johnny sitting at the booth to make him  jealous, but really it’s just making him hate her even more. Later on at the 51:30 minute mark, Johnny is startled when he hears Gilda singing and playing the guitar serenading the bathroom attendant. This is just another characteristic of the clever charisma and manipulation of the femme fatale.

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Student Designed Assignment


For this assignment, students will either work collectively or in pairs/trios analyzing/comparing/contrasting different films (can be assigned or voted) of noir (both original or modern style). The goal is to generate a presentation based off these different ideas and evaluated through discussion of their style, their possible influence/reason for creation, and evolution of their noir in each respective time period. In this project, a concrete textual analysis of lighting, cinematography, mise-en-scene would be ideal for digging into a deeper understanding for what the creators of the film were attempting to encode for an audience to decode.

A proposal for this project would be due either Thursday Feb. 25 or Tuesday March 1st. The final presentation of this project would be due on March 17 or March 24. The weight this assignment would be carrying would be no more than 30% of our Final Grade.


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February 9, 2016

February 9, 2016

In past Media Classes that consisted of Introduction to Media Studies, New Media & Culture Change, and Digital Video Production, the things that I really enjoyed most are the textual analysis and discussion of each of their respective topics. For Film Noir, I absolutely love the idea of watching multiple films together and analyzing them to decipher whether or not they depict noir and why. Another thought that intrigued me was the idea behind maybe filming some short clips in an attempt to illustrate noir. Discussing the different character traits in different films of noir and the time periods when the films were created would definitely be interesting for me–especially in regards to how these films were being influenced during those said time periods. Last but not least, definitely would open to a large group project of  some sort.

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Mr. E is a Mystery

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Film Noir. Life is Hard. It’s even harder when you are stupid.

February 4, 2016

To better understand Noir, I would to do some textual analysis of Noir films and games. For me during Erin’s class of Intro to Media Studies, I really found this analysis to be fun and engaging. I’m already interested so I’m more likely to want to dive deeper into the meaning behind the different films and games as to what the producers were trying to encode for us as an audience to decode.

February 2, 2016

Two semesters ago, I was in an Introduction to Media Studies course where we did lots of Textual Analysis of film and television works. One of my favorite textual analysis assignments was the big group project where my group was assigned to give a textual analysis of the movie 21 Jump Street. In this project, we analyzed different scenes of the lighting, cinematography, dialogue, and different types of camera shots/angles.


Film/Videogames Noire:

  • Max Payne
  • Halo





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