Past Assignments

Any assignments I’ve had that have not been in a essay writing format have involved me creating some kind of website or blog for my work. Last semester I did something like an e-book. We used Scalar to create chapters about different parts of our individual assignment. The content was in essay form but we got to add pictures and designs to the background that corresponded to our text. You can make a Scalar book available to the public but I couldn’t in my class because of copyright concerns.


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For Brett’s Persuasive Media class I took last year, we had to create a wordpress blog (like this one) and basically post our analyses about persuasive techniques and media examples that pertain to them. That assignment was interesting in that we had to design a webpage and incorporate creative elements as opposed to just writing a standard paper.

In Erin’s TV janterm, we binge-watched a few different television shows and had to keep a journal for note-taking. We recorded our thoughts as the events in the shows unfolded as well as our overall impressions once the episode/series had finished. The notes also would have helped if we had had to write an actual paper about any series we watched.

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Mr. E is a Mystery

This is the Batman Stingray Secret Society blog.

Film Noir. Life is Hard. It’s even harder when you are stupid.

February 4, 2016

To better understand Noir, I would to do some textual analysis of Noir films and games. For me during Erin’s class of Intro to Media Studies, I really found this analysis to be fun and engaging. I’m already interested so I’m more likely to want to dive deeper into the meaning behind the different films and games as to what the producers were trying to encode for us as an audience to decode.

February 2, 2016

Two semesters ago, I was in an Introduction to Media Studies course where we did lots of Textual Analysis of film and television works. One of my favorite textual analysis assignments was the big group project where my group was assigned to give a textual analysis of the movie 21 Jump Street. In this project, we analyzed different scenes of the lighting, cinematography, dialogue, and different types of camera shots/angles.


Film/Videogames Noire:

  • Max Payne
  • Halo





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Analysis of something

Assignments I’ve liked and stuff

For another film class I took we focused on viewing and analyzing Western/Noir films. I enjoyed watching films for the first time like The Big Sleep and Bringing up Baby in addition to High Noon and Stagecoach. For the class it was mostly film analysis of different aspects: We looked at each film’s characteristics, film as a narrative, the techniques. Since we as a class were all of 2 people we couldn’t really slack off in class discussion.


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